Sanjana Kapoor

Bikaner theatre festival is an extraordinary home for new theatre artists and providing an excellent professional-caliber festival experience to directors , artists and play writers.

Makarand Deshpande

Bikaner theatre festival gave me the opportunity to connect with like minded professionals . I am proud to be part of this festival.

Dr. B.D. Kalla

I am happy to know that the Bikaner is witnessing 4th edition of Bikaner Theatre Festival on March 14-18, 2019 at Bikaner . Young artistes of the city will be exposed to dramas of other languages, which no doubt will sharpen their skills and help them develop keen insight into human psyche and behavior .

Kumar Pal Gautam

I am thrilled to be a patron of such an exciting and ambitious venture as the Bikaner Theatre Festival.

Ratna Pathak Shah

Bikaner theatre festival creates wonderful opportunities for theatre exchanges and an exemplary learning environment for young artists .