This short drama is projected as an experimental theatrical performance of modern age and the theme of this production is impressed upon the story of Malala Yousufzai of Pakistan along with the famous composition of Tegore’s drama, such as- Raktakarabi, Bisarjan, Achalayatan, Muktodhara and Dakghar.

                The struggle and movement of the mankind against all atrocities, extortion, fundamentalism and deprivation from the period of monarchy to the present age of democracy has not come to an end. The story describes the prejudices of Taliban in Pakistan. The characters of the leaderships as depicted in the drama written by the great poet Rabindranath has appeared in new form at the present social context. In the name of good governance people are being victimized, cheated and a different type of extortion is on whatever is the ruler’s formation. It is also seen that religious terrorism and betrayal on very many social structure is in vogue. The woman folk, in particular, are the worst affected community in our social front. There is no change in the scenario starting from the mythological age of Sita-Sabitree to the present age of Malala. They are still fighting for their right and justice.

                It is, however, observed in the history of people struggle, that the ruler anywhere in the world couldn’t continue with their power for ever if it is misused.

                 This drama is thus projected against the power mongers all over the world to make them aware about the last consequence according to Tagore’s line of thinking breaking through the barriers of region, states and nations of the world.